Welcome to the new Belvest showroom
Eschew the ordinary, write your own story.

Each new day represents both a challenge and a promise of new possibilities. Always feeling impeccable and comfortable in your clothes is not just a choice: it is essential to staying true to yourself and to your style. Because for those who, like yourself, refuse to choose between elegance and contemporary fashion, the quest for the perfect balance of shape and substance can never end. 

And it is precisely for you who experience this insatiable hunger for beauty that we decided to build a miniature temple to elegance and harmony in the heart of Milan. A welcoming space for when you are on the lookout for new impetus, new perspectives, or for when you are escaping the ordinary.

If you should find yourself strolling along Corso Matteotti in downtown Milan, look up and you will find a solemn looking door framed by marble columns. Enter without faltering. Walk up the steps, follow the antique wooden balustrade up to the second floor. We will be there waiting for you.  

Here you will find our bright new showroom. A modern, vibrant and welcoming open-space. A secluded nook, unbeknownst to the crowds, where every room speaks of elegance, attentiveness, of stories past and stories yet to be told. 

For Belvest, elegance has never been a mere matter of appearance, but the expression of a deeper, more intimate study. This is why we love to welcome those who wish to walk where few have the determination to go. If you recognize yourself in these words, you will love our Bespoke Room, the space where sartorial perfection meets the luxury of the best fabrics in the world to create a suit made just for you. 

And while you experience all this and recover from your hectic day, you merely have to look past the ample windows to reconnect with the metropolis.  

But for now, while you are our guest in this bright little corner of the city, this is your story and the only protagonist is you.

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