Aesthetic research
and sartorial mastery

When we look at a fabric, we like to imagine how we can give it a soul. Can the deceivingly simple repetition of patient ancient gestures be cause for excitement? That’s how it is for us, every day. 


Attention to detail

Each garment we make is immediately lavished with particular attention to detail. When we choose the fabric to be cut, we check it meticulously to ascertain that it is free of flaws that could create defects in the final garment. We also check its stability, to be sure that the jacket will retain the desired shape and size.

Each jacket’s canvas is soaked for a day, so as to be more stable during processing and maintain the correct shape. Finally, we always favor the use of natural materials, such as horsehair.

This is how our garments are destined to become little masterpieces of perfection.

Hand tailoring

We believe in striking the right balance between technological innovation and artisanal knowledge. For this reason, despite the use of cutting-edge machinery, we know that some processing steps must be done by hand, starting with the cutting of the checked or striped fabric, so that the pattern matches up perfectly on the final garment.

Sleeves and collars are also sewn on by hand. It is only when needle and thread are guided by the craftsman to follow the silhouette of the garment that the correct tension of the stitches be obtained so that, when the piece is worn, it  accompanies the body’s shape just like a second skin.

Each and every one of our tailors’ gestures is precious and essential to achieving final perfection. 


Between one manufacturing phase and the next, we perform continuous quality checks, to ensure that the result will be the one desired, weeding out any small imperfections that may have escaped previous checks.

Each step, down to the very last, is carried out strictly by hand by our craftsmen, in full compliance with the principles of traditional tailoring: from the ironing of the garment and pleats to the application of buttons and the finishing of the buttonholes.

When the garment is ready, it is left in the warehouse to stabilize for a few weeks. Before shipment we check over all of its components one last time, with the same care and attention that characterize the entire manufacturing process.

The result is a unique item of clothing that is wonderful to wear and pleasant to look at.

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