Your style,
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Feeling both comfortable and flawless is essential for expressing your concept of style every day. This is why we offer you a made-to-measure service, an experience that gives shape to your desires, creating an outfit crafted to fit only you.

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Quality craftsmanship
Attention to detail

  • Made in Italy
  • Perfect fit
  • Customization of every detail
  • Fine fabrics
  • Personal pattern

For elegance without compromise

Your made-to-measure garment

Why choose between comfort and elegance? Each item of clothing should represent the perfect blend of functionality and perfect tailoring, through an impeccable fit.

The made-to-measure experience begins with an in-person interview in our Milan showroom, the Piazzola sul Brenta workshop, or at one of our retailers, where you are the sole protagonist. Our tailors will guide you in choosing all the details that will satisfy your need to be yourself in every situation.

Exclusively yours

It is our greatest pleasure to guide you in your choice of a made-to-measure outfit. We love to imagine what the result will look like once all the details that you have chosen come together: the fabric, the shape, the pockets and all the finishing touches such as the lining, the buttons, the embroidery, the buttonholes.

Creating your tailor-made garment is an ongoing dialogue between you and our tailors, to be sure that it will reflect your unmistakable identity.

Yours forever

Your garment is crafted by the expert hands of our master craftsmen. Each tailor fully dedicates themselves to crafting their piece, which, when sewn together with the others, brings your outfit to life. 

And to satisfy a desire for beauty and elegance at all times, your pattern will be preserved in our archives, to allow you to create a new made-to-measure experience whenever you feel the need to express your desire for independence.

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Our clothing is made in Italy, but is destined to journey to the heart of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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