Spring Summer 2022

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Spring Summer 2020
Spring Summer 2020

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Spring/Summer 2022

The Belvest man loves to express and wear an eclectic style that is intimately Made in Italy, because it comes from a profound culture nourished by a variety of traditions. For Spring/Summer 2022 he opts for shades that convey poetic lightheartedness, ideally accompanied by the sounds of a saxophone: amber ginger, mauve, sapphire-blue, chalk-ivory.

Discover the collection now on sale at 50%.

Elegance is not just a matter of appearance, but the deeper search for harmony between form and substance. Discover the bespoke service, where sartorial perfection and the luxury of the best fabrics come together to create a garment that is exclusively yours.

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Spring Summer 2020
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Our garments are born in Italy, but are lucky enough to arrive in the heart of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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