Spring Summer
Collection 2023

A new sensory experience signs the color palette of soft and sophisticated collection like in a
watercolor The wool blend ultrafine, silk and precious linens with sophisticated open textures also
gives to the touch a sense of fresh, pleasant surprise lightness and comfort of the fabrics are a
relief for the first eyes still than for the touch.

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Spring Summer
Collection 2023

The collection was conceived according to the canons of a free, eclectic and creative modern "Baroque", which fully represents the characteristics and the most authentic history of Made in Italy.

The eclectic spirit of Baroque and the fluid versatility of the Millennials: these are the two complementary magnetic poles of Belvest's autumn-winter 2022-23 collection, designed for the contemporary young professionals who are anthropologically the children of diversity and of dress mixology.

Sustainability is the new status symbol for Belvest, the pinnacle of a respectful approach that draws inspiration from our Values and Made in Italy manufacturing.

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Elegance is not just a matter of appearance, but the deeper search for harmony between form and substance. Discover the bespoke service, where sartorial perfection and the luxury of the best fabrics come together to create a garment that is exclusively yours.

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Spring Summer 2020
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Our garments are born in Italy, but are lucky enough to arrive in the heart of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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