The bulletproof vest

Feeling safe and comfortable all times is more than a necessity: it is essential to be able to move from one commitment to the next. This is why we developed a line of bulletproof vests for men in the guise of city wear that you can wear under your jacket on a daily basis.

Our bulletproof vests are entirely made in our Piazzola sul Brenta workshop in Italy, handcrafted by our skilled tailors. Each garment is extremely lightweight, giving you maximum freedom of movement so you can forget you are wearing it.

Faithful to our cult of beauty, we pay meticulous attention to every detail of these vests to create the perfect garment for you. Inside we insert an invisible "prosthesis" equipped with a bulletproof structure made of a special material that has been tested by the Italian State Firing Range.

Our desire to combine contemporary aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship is evident even in our range of bulletproof vests. We designed these garments with fine fashionable fabrics, to guarantee your protection throughout the day.

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