Pitti Connect 2020

We live in an ever-changing world. Old standards shift and assume new perspectives. Physical and digital spaces converge to form a single dimension. This awareness is the basis of the Spring / Summer 2021 collection, which we will be presenting on the Pitti Connect platform until October 2020.

Innovation is our tradition. Alongside the cornerstones of traditional tailoring, emblems of our history and the fundamentals of our idea of style, we offer technologies that revolutionize the very concept of garment usability, such as the unisex apparel with its geodesic silhouettes and liftable collars that double as a mask, or clothing made with antibacterial-antiviral Viroblock fabric, which satisfies the post-COVID need for protection throughout the day.

Finally, we wanted to take the opportunity to present our women’s collection, which complements and integrates the men’s collection.

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