Jacket in the Box,
our destructured jacket

Why forgo the pleasure of feeling at ease on every occasion? In whichever direction you move today, you still need to uncompromisingly express yourself and your idea of style.

It is thanks to this knowledge that we created Jacketinthebox ©, the range of deconstructed and unlined jackets, which particularly represent our ability to combine sartorial style with aesthetic avant-garde research. Each garment is designed to be a perfect, small and beautiful jewel, and for this reason it is kept folded in an elegant case: hence the choice to call this line "Jacket in the Box". 

The destructured jacket "Jacket in the box" (Jacketinthebox ©)
The destructured jacket "Jacket in the box" (Jacketinthebox ©)

The destructured jacket is a tailored garment that manages to maintain its sartorial essence, while forgoing traditional construction, making it lighter and more basic. This way, we are able to obtain a relaxed, soft and less formal fit, which allows the jacket to follow your every movement like a second skin. It thus becomes the symbol of a man who desires the freedom to wear a garment entirely tailored to his needs, without having to choose between functionality and elegance.

We like to say that the JACKETINTHEBOX © jacket is the "versatile interpretation of a lifestyle full of movement." It is particularly emblematic of a new concept of comfort, represented by a range of jackets folded into an elegant box. It also responds to the ever-growing desire of the modern man to abandon stiffness and constraints, gravitating towards unlined and unstructured pieces that are designed for leisure, but also flawless in formal situations.

Years of study and experience eventually led us to replicate the original "Jacket in the Box" concept on men's suits, coats and dust coats, to create a line of garments that allow you to feel free to follow your own path and become the protagonist of your story. 

The destructured jacket "Jacket in the box" (Jacketinthebox ©)
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