Fall/Winter 2020-21 Men’s Collection
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
Oscar Wilde

The world changes at an ever-increasing pace, and we change with it. Our lives are poised between tradition and progress, between the commonplace and the exceptional. We are constantly striving for harmony among contrasts. 

The Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collection is the result of this quest: a precious, elegantly fluid and modern collection that embodies the personality and style of a man who refutes all compromises and impositions.

We decided to free our style from seasonal constraints: colors, shapes and contours are all year round. Each piece is designed to multitask, so that the Belvest wearer can keep faith with themselves and their concept of style in each and every occasion throughout the day.

We created new volumes, researched new materials and designed new patterns. The result is relaxed pieces and precious substantial or ultrafine fabrics. Unprecedented, bewitching patterns transform each item into a unique masterpiece. Like the cashmere-silk jackets whose delicate nuances are inspired by the long-standing tradition of Venetian papermakers; the Touch velvet suits in renaissance shades; the printed houndstooth patterns and the Sea Island 700-rib corduroy. Lastly, our study of knitwear allowed us to create a waffle-effect jersey in pure cashmere for our iconic jacket.

Every piece of the collection expresses class, technology and sartorial perfection, such as the high-tech 17.75-micron polyester-wool suit, or the 13.75-micron ultrafine wool suit matched with the overcheck Couture Coat. The double breast knitwear jacket in pure cashmere piquet, the Bold blazer in printed stripes in extraordinary chromatic variations, the cotton-cashmere t-shirts, the piquet jersey polo shirts and versatile grenadine ties.

The Belvest Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collection is a combination of cutting-edge aesthetic research joined with ancient craftsmanship and traditions. The emblem of this new elegance is now the murrina: a small treasure of Venetian history and beauty that you can wear every day in the lapel buttonhole as a declaration of style.

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