Belvest Spring-Summer 2021 Women’s Collection
I am a woman above anything else.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Strength and power combined with culture and sophistication. We consider ourselves representatives of this feminine dichotomy in our ongoing search for an elegant, high-end style that is never ostentatious. The Spring-Summer 2021 women's collection is an exploration of this theme in eleven exclusive outfits.

The Belvest woman’s pursuit of perfection is an agreeable obsession; our garments are the outward expression of an intimate investigation, a reflection of inner strength rather than a mere matter of appearance. The same strength that distinguishes alluring independent icons like Mia Farrow and Frida Kahlo, emblems of a proud and boundless femininity.

We embarked on a journey towards creating a flawlessly feminine style that fulfills the desire for sophistication and simplicity and is manifested via soft volumes, innovative silhouettes, and avant-garde ultralight fabrics. Double-breasted jackets, pure linen shirts and tops, summer gaucho pants that can be combined to create different looks that play with the ambivalent nature of seduction, poised between power and warmth.

Today the gap is closing between menswear and women’s fashion, and an overlap is being formed. An increasing number of fashion brands have announced that their men's and women's collections will be displayed together on the runway. We therefore wanted to take this opportunity to present a line of womenswear that complements our menswear collection. Among the items belonging to the women’s collection, our brand-new Loose Blazer concept stands out, embodying Belvest’s unmistakable “Venetian Drape,” with its flowy fit suited to the female form.

With the Spring-Summer 2021 women’s collection, we continue on our mission to free style from set rules and labels so that those who choose Belvest can feel comfortable expressing themselves and their concept of style at every moment.  

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