Belvest Spring-Summer 2021 Men’s Collection
A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.
Italo Calvino

We live in a world that thrives on a multitude of suggestions. Fixed rules give way to the concept of individual identity. We consider ourselves interpreters of unchangeable values that take on new perspectives. 

In spite of this continuous evolution some things never change, like the awe of beauty, and the love of well-made things. Like a Belvest jacket. Elegance, lightness and speed combined in a skillful blend of tradition and innovation are the cornerstones of the Spring-Summer 2021 collection.

We have created a new course of flawless style to satisfy the desire for flexibility and an element of surprise, expressed via free-flowing volumes, innovative shapes, ultralight fabrics and research. In Italo Calvino's words, Belvest is a classic that never stops saying something new. An eminently eclectic style, the fruit of crossovers and curiosity, where the color blue acts as a guiding planet around which a constellation of satellite colors rotate, from rouge to purple, all the way to ecru and green.

Alongside the bedrock of traditional tailoring, we offer fabrics printed with precise delicate stenciling in flowing, lightweight muslin cotton, or the incredible high-tech polyamide poplin; an exclusive plain cotton or anti-heat madras seersucker fabric. The "heritage" textures enhance the fabric’s lightness, from Prince of Wales and overchecks all the way to pinstripes with surprising chenille stripes.

Particularly representative of the Spring-Summer 2021 collection is the stretch knit, wrinkle-free Bag Suit that can be perfectly refolded into its bag, made of the same fabric. We made it even more invaluable with the addition of special interior technical profiles and a Velcro pocket.

Each garment expresses sophistication, technology and sartorial perfection, starting with the ultralight linen and mixed-cotton muslin shirts, the matching ties made with the same fabrics, and the slacks that recur throughout the collection - from dress trousers to city slipper chinos, from city slims to soft drawstring pants all the way to denims -, as well as the hand-dyed tie-dye t-shirts, or the brand new Henley shirts featuring the "Murrina" buttonholes, the new Belvest emblem as of Fall-Winter 2020- 21, that appear on our jackets.

We sought out a technology that would revolutionize not only the tailoring process, but the very concept of garment usability. The emblem of the collection is the Motility concept, where a blend of technical fibers is engineered for a durable stretch while maintaining a crisp appearance.

Our desire to combine aesthetic modernism with traditional craftsmanship comes into play in our designs that take into account the post-Covid phase: we designed men's and women's garments with geodesic shapes and lift-up collars that act as a mask, or garments in Viroblock antibacterial-antiviral fabric, which incorporate the need for protection at all times.

With the Spring-Summer 2021 men’s collection, we continue on our mission to liberate style from seasonal rules: fabrics, colors and shapes are designed for all year-round wear. Each garment expresses the luxury of simplicity so that those who choose Belvest can enjoy the pleasure of expressing themselves and their idea of elegance at any time.

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