A beautiful, small historic treasure. We present the murrina
Our feet have no roots, they were meant to move.
- David Le Breton -

In which direction are you moving? Where is your destination? What drives your steps?

Our path has always been one of exploration. An ongoing quest for the perfect cut, the most exclusive and prestigious fabrics, the shapes that best represent the essence of male elegance. 

We are never satisfied, because true perfection lies in the details that are apparent only to those who know to look beyond the ordinary. This is at the heart of our obsession with details.

And a precious new detail is set to become our emblem. Starting with the Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collection, every Belvest jacket will feature a small yellow and blue murrina on the lapel: a beautiful historic treasure to wear every day, as a declaration of style. 

We chose the murrina because every creation is unique and inimitable. Each drop of glass tells the story of Venice and Murano; a tale of knowledge rekindled and handed over the generations, a tale of rebellion against the massification of tastes and fashions. It is that same perfect fusion of tradition and innovation which we have always represented. 

We wanted to make our suits even more precious by adding a small murrina to the lapel as a tribute to your style, our history and your desire for independence.

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