Elegant pure cotton shirt

Elegant pure cotton shirt


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We have never been easily pleased because the essence of an impeccable look also lies in those details that make your style exclusive. Attention to detail and the "made in Italy” production, turn each of our shirts into a small masterpiece of craftsmanship. This model has classic/regular fit wearability and is made in an attractive white/blue cotton. The inside of the rounded cuff is soft, ideal for use on casual occasions or even in formal contexts, when you are looking for an elegant appeal but don’t want to give up on the convenience of buttons. The collar is handsewn to obtain the correct stitching tension and to ensure that when the garment is worn, it fits your figure like a second skin. A reinforcing gusset is also inserted to strengthen the seam between the shirt front and back.


Wash at up to a temperature of 40° C in a normal wash cycle.
Iron moderately hot, i.e. up to a maximum of 150° C.
The item of clothing may not be treated with bleach.
The item of clothing may be cleaned with perchlorethylene, hydrocarbon, R113 and R11 solutions.

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