Belvest for Spring/Summer 2021

Lightness, speed, multiplicity and cohesion: these are the coordinates to guide you in today’s world that is in constant evolution. You don’t rely on a sole principle or guiding concept. You travel with the mind, you let yourself be influenced. You follow a stimulus, a change, you give it shape and transmit your personal interpretation of the world, your idea of style.

The Spring / Summer 2021 collection speaks to your insatiable hunger for beauty and your need for movement, thanks to an eclectic style fueled by curiosity and cultural contamination, where blue plays the role of guiding color. Much more than a simple color, blue is a “state of mind”, a single one that contains the multitude: calm, relaxing, profound, inquiring and sometimes melancholy. We have chosen to use it in a multitude of shades: rich and deeply Zen, ultramarine and traditional navy. We pair it with exclusive and intriguing prints, capable of surprising and astonishing every time you wear a Belvest garment.

Our tailors’ expert hands are able to unite the magic of sartorial perfection and the luxury of the finest fabrics in the world, to create a garment that will give you the pleasure of treating yourself in every moment of the day.

Because for Belvest, you are the only protagonist, and your story is the only one that counts.

Be Eclectic

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