Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
Oscar Wilde

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace, and we are changing with it. We live poised between what is certain and the unknown, between tradition and innovation, between rules and exceptions. We are constantly seeking harmony between conflicting tensions.

The Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collection is the result of this quest:
a collection with a pricelessly modern and adaptable elegance, which embodies the style and personality of a man who rejects compromises and impositions.

We created new volumes, searched for new fabrics, invented new patterns. The result is soft clothing made with precious thick or ultrafine fabrics. Unique and bewitching patterns transform each item into a one-of-a-kind piece.

The Belvest Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collection is the result of cutting-edge aesthetic research combined with an ancient tradition of master craftsmanship.
From now on the emblem of this new elegance will be the murrina: a beautiful, small, historic Venetian treasure to be worn daily on your lapel as a declaration of style. 

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